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Learn Leadership Skills that Save Companies, Inspire Followers, and Build Community

 In  September 2006, Ford was losing 16 billion dollars a year—that’s 46  million dollars a day, every day of the year! In desperation, they hired  Alan Mulally to be their new CEO. He had already saved Boeing  Commercial Airplanes from disaster following the terrorist attacks of  9/11, when Boeing lost half their orders in a very short time. He  promised to have Ford profitable within 3 years, without taking any  government bailout money, and he kept that promise. He also stayed on  until 2014 and maintained the gains. Three years after he retired, his  replacement was fired because he was not maintaining the gains Mulally  made, proving that it was indeed the leader who was responsible for the  performance of Ford.

Forbes magazine named Alan  the 3rd best CEO in the U.S. in 2014, and he is. I, Jim Lewis, have  known him since May 2000. I wrote a book about his leadership  principles, entitled Working Together, and have his permission to  include them in this proven program on leadership. If you want to be a  leader who gets results, this program will show you how.

About the Program


The Scam of Leadership Programs Taught by University Professors

I doubt that anyone of you reading this would want to have surgery performed on you by a person who had only read a book on surgical practice. Yet thousands of individuals have been taught to lead by professors who have never sat in the hot seat in a business that is sliding down the slippery slope to bankruptcy. Nor have they had to terminate a non-performing employee who threatens to go postal on them, or sue them for discrimination. No, they sit in their tenured tower and pontificate about something they know nothing about from actual experience. It’s almost as ridiculous as taking a sex education class from a virgin!

Our Program Is Taught by Real Leaders!

If I sound indignant, I am. A recent article by Forbes said exactly what I’m saying—most leadership training programs are a waste of time and money, yet they charge companies huge amounts of money because they know a lot is at stake and corporations will pay it in order to try and protect their investments. They’re getting screwed, and they don’t even know it.

Every instructor in our program has been a leader in corporations, nonprofits, civic groups, and their own businesses. We’ve paid our dues. We’ve earned the right to tell you how to lead. And we stand on our experience.

Another Reason Why Leadership Training Fails (and How We Fix It)

Can you imagine a sports coach finding a promising player, giving him three days of training, and putting him on the first string of his team? Isn’t that ludicrous? Heck no, that player is going to be coached, mentored, critiqued, and fine-tuned until he either becomes a top-notch athlete, or he will be dumped.

Got the idea? We follow the training program with coaching for at least 90 days. We do it in groups, so you can learn from your peers as well as us, and you have the option to continue with group or individual coaching after that, for up to a year. Quite frankly, like an athlete, if you haven’t learned the ropes within 18 months, you probably never will.

Here Are the Benefits You Get

  • Learn how to interact with others to build trust, establish a clear vision, and steer your tribe to high performance outcomes.
  • Develop leadership skills that allow you to adapt to every situation in an appropriate way.
  • Interact with employees to get them truly engaged and excited about the work they do.
  • Learn how to assess yourself so that you are able to continue learning and developing your skills as you grow in your profession.
  • Discover secrets the college professors don’t know about being a leader that people are willing to commit to supporting in achieving the strategic initiatives of the tribe.
  • Work with a POD of your peers to build your strengths and minimize your weaknesses (something every sports coach knows how to do).
  • If you take the online course, you have another benefit: It’s spread over six weeks, so you get to practice as you go, review the recorded lectures, test your comprehension as you go, and work at your convenience.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

  • The best leadership models and how to integrate them into a seamless practice that works.
  • Learn the principles Alan Mulally applied to save Boeing and Ford and how to apply them in your situation. 
  • How to combine heart (caring and passion) and purpose (the mission/vision) to get your people tuned in, turned on, and on target to achieve performance excellence.
  • How the way you communicate can make or break you.
  • How to maximize your preferred thinking style and that of your team to best advantage using the Herrmann Brain Dominance model (HBDI).
  • Why leadership skills are the only bottom line skills you have. (Hint: you can keep a company on course with management skills, but only leadership skills will make it achieve more than survival level performance.)
  • How to use your skills to develop your direct reports into a true high-performance team.

Who Should Attend

This program is delivered over five days in a classroom format and six weeks in online delivery. It is available in a structure suitable for executives, directors, business owners, and managers and one that is intended for community leaders (church and civic groups, charitable organizations or foundations, and so on). We assign participants to cohorts (and course sections) of individuals having similar standing, responsibilities, and experience levels. If you have any questions, we are available to discuss your needs and objectives by phone.


Special Feature

Whether you attend the classroom or online course, you will take the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) online before the class begins, so that you can learn your preferred thinking modes, which will affect your leadership preferences as well, and how to leverage these to meet your goals.

You will also take pre-and post-tests to determine where you are when the course begins and again at the end so you can see your progress.

Coaching will be in groups of 12 online monthly for three months after the class ends.

Options will be available to join PODs of 4 to talk by phone.

Cost and Scheduling

What You Receive

  • Class workbook (hard copy or pdf in classroom sessions, downloadable for online classes)
  • Copy of Project Leadership, by Jim Lewis—Kindle format
  • HBDI assessment (normally a $300 value by itself)
  • LEAD assessment
  • Kersey Temperament sorter
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 27 Continuing Education Hours Credit

Have Questions?

  • Use the Contact Us form to send us a text message; we’ll reply within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Schedule a phone consult using the Appointment Scheduler if you need to talk to a human being.

Take Advantage of this Great Offer Now!

If you act now, you will receive the online class, three months of group coaching for only $1500. Altogether, this represents a $3520 monetary value, but the lifetime value in terms of career advancement could be hundreds of times greater! Now is the time to take charge of your career and learn skills that will take you places. This offer is only good until February 11, and is limited to 24 individuals. Register now!

How to Register

Register with your credit card and you will receive instructions on how to take the HBDI online before the class begins, as well as how to log onto the online class when it becomes available. Click the button below. Have your credit card handy (or if you have a PayPal account, you may be able to take six months to pay the tuition with little or no interest).

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