The Executive Leadership Certificate


About the Program

You can take one course or the entire series. To obtain your Executive Leadership Certificate, you must take three core courses and two electives. These courses span six weeks, giving you time to apply each lesson as you go, a major benefit in terms of learning, but more importantly, you get immediate benefit at work. 

The curriculum is designed to provide executives with the skills needed to lead an organization to successful outcomes. You will gain the skills to influence, communicate effectively, develop strategic plans and lead strategic initiatives, build a strong cohesive executive team, take advantage of the brainpower of your team, and much more. This is a hands-on program developed by seasoned executives. 

Please note that as of now, only the first core course is available: Leading with Heart and Purpose. Other courses in the curriculum will be available by the second quarter of 2019. Once you enroll in the first course, you will receive announcements when other courses become available.

The Complete Curriculum

The following courses are required to get your executive certificate. You will receive a course certificate for each one you take.  (Click the course title for a full course description and registration information.)


The following are electives. Choose two:


  • How to Communicate Effectively
  • Win-Win Negotiating
  • Influencing Others
  • Lead With Your Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Leading to Support Creativity and Innovation 

From a Manager In One of Our Leadership Seminars

“ I have a better understanding of the leadership role. I now know I must have a better understanding of myself before I can hope to understand others.”

Mark Jackson, Plant Maintenance Supervisor,

ITG Brands, Greensboro, NC

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Q: Do I have to take five courses, or just one?

A: You can take just the Leading with Heart and Purpose.

Q: Why would I want to take five courses instead of just the one?

A: It's impossible to teach everything you need to be a truly effective leader in just one course. The others help round out your leadership skill set.